More About Summa:

Summasounds is the website of sounddesigner and author Klaus - Dieter Pollack

It all started 1984 with the Korg Poly 800 of a friend. While I already had
some experience programming the soundchip of my ATARI 400, I was intrigued
by the posibilities of a synthesizer and decided to get one myself.

While I was collecting money for my first own synth, I was gaining more and
more experience with that little Korg and the Yamaha CS01 of another friend.

1986 - I bought a Casio CZ-1, my first own synth and another year later a Yamaha TX81z followed by a Roland MT32 during the following year.

1990 - I worked part time for  PIQUE-ASS MUSIKPRODUCTIONS,
programming the synths and samplers in the studio until I began my studies of computer science at the FH-Frankfurt.

1992-1993 I wrote a book about game programming with the ATARI ST for the
Heim-Verlag Darmstadt, one year later an article series about the same topic
for the ST-Computer Magazine.

1999 - With several years of experience in sounddesign I started my career
as commercial sounddesigner, creating the Additiv2Analog Set for the K5000,
released 2000 by Ear2Ear.

After that I did factory sounds for several software synthesizers including
Native Instruments FM7, FM8 and Massive 1.1, LinPlug Octopus and Alpha 3, Ableton Simpler and Operator 1.1, Loftsoft FMHeaven, Virsyn Cube 1/1.5 and Tera 2, Terratec Komplexer and more.

Since 2004 I  wrote several articles about sound programming for the German
KEYS-Magazine and programmed accompanying soundsets for their Synth Zone.