Here are the first soundsets for free download.

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Another Bunch of free first timers. This time 30 sounds for the very much underrated Yamaha AN1X plus manually adapted versions for the AN200. The set is filled with Electro and French Disco / House basses, dynamic pads and some PPG type choirs and leads.

Sample 1 Sample 2

First 14 Virus sounds, created to find the sweetspots of the synth. Not exactly good enough to fit into our line of High-Quality Soundsets but might be usefull for some of you...
Sample 1 Sample 2

A set of 128 sounds for Ishira Toda’s great softsynth
Synth 1
programmed in cooperation with DocT

Audio-Demo:  Digital Lullaby ;)

128 fresh sounds from various categories for
VirSyn Tera

programmed in cooperation with DocT

Audio-Demo:  T-Sounds